What is virtual presence?

Virtual presence is the ability to authentically connect and lead with true
influence without the luxury of in-person communication.
Discover The Impact

Why bother with virtual presence?

The future of work is not bound to any physical location. In the next few years, those who succeed in the digital landscape will be those who learn to develop a consistent, quality virtual presence.

First Impressions Matter

All impressions matter, but most of the time people judge you on a video call before you even open your mouth. Don't start at a deficit.

WFH Is The Future

Businesses and employees alike have discovered the benefits of an at-home work force. What if you had the power of your office at home?

Establish Virtual Excellence

It is the wild west when it comes to virtual standards for brands trying to navigate the WFH migration. Who wants to kick ass first?

Want to engage our virtual presence experts?

The experts at Deskrig work with you to craft your business's game changing virtual presence strategy in only 90 minutes of your time.

15 Minute: Introduction

Schedule a short introduction meeting to learn about Deskrig and our virtual events practice.  We'll use this time to gauge our fit with your organization and goals.

30 Minute: Discovery

Once we've had the opportunity to get acquainted, we'll schedule a discovery call with our event experts to scope the efforts needed to make your event a success.

45 Minute: Proposal

7 days after our Discovery meeting we'll deliver a comprehensive proposal for our portion of your live event initiative.