Employees = Anywhere

Brand Standards = Everywhere

Many organizations are struggling to efficiently manage brand standards while employees are working from home. Deskrig helps your virtual workforce maintain brand excellence from any home office location. 
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Why does your brand need virtual compliance?

During this remote work migration, many brands aren't living up to the standard they set for themselves.
Our mission is to help organizations raise the bar on implementing brand standards

Virtual Alignment

We empower you with the tools needed to create a consistent, quality virtual presence for all employees.

Enhanced Perception

Make sure your brand maintains excellence regardless of where your employees work

Dispersed Team Management

Services, support, and training guaranteed to help you succeed 

So, how do we raise your brand's virtual perception?

Hint: BY creating and executing a proven strategy

Virtual Compliance Audit

We work with your brand to analyze existing opportunities where an improved virtual presence could have a major benefit. 

Develop Brand Standards

We help you implement virtual brand standards in a scalable manner so that is easily adopted by all necessary employees.

Implement Software & Hardware Stack

Many organizations struggle to efficiently find, yet alone implement, the right software and hardware solutions to empower their workforce.

On-going Training And Support

Deskrig works with your team to ensure that everyone gets the training and support needed to meet your goals.

Virtual Compliance customer feedback.

We'll put the quality of our solution to the test against any organization in the world. 

"Honestly. I really don’t know where I would be in the world of video presence without Deskrig. Today working from the home office is the “new normal” and Deskrig gives any video conferencing solution a professional touch and allows me to present in the best way possible. I also use Deskrig for the video side of my podcast “A Breath of Fresh Career.” Deskrig is a must, 100%."
Justin Kane
Founder @ Woodbridge World Wide
Host @ A Breath of Fresh Career
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Want to engage our virtual compliance workshop?

The experts at Deskrig work with you to craft your business's game changing virtual presentation strategy in only 90 minutes of your time.

15 Minute: Introduction

Schedule a short introduction meeting to learn about Deskrig and our virtual compliance workshop.  We'll use this time to gauge our fit with your organization and goals.

30 Minute: Discovery

Once we've had the opportunity to get acquainted, we'll schedule a discovery call with our event experts to scope the efforts needed to make your event a success.

45 Minute: Proposal

7 days after our Discovery meeting we'll deliver a comprehensive proposal to transform your organizations virtual compliance.