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Our solutions are designed to help you make the most of every call, class, meeting, or presentation.

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Why DeskRig?

Establish Credibility

Separate yourself from the crowd and establish yourself as an expert

Build Trust

Deliver in-person experiences and results on virtual calls

Increase Engagement

Increase user interaction with innovative presentations

Home or Work, We Have You Covered!

Office Solutions

DeskRig can help companies, schools, and health professionals extend their professionalism through an elevated virtual presence. Our solutions are designed to help you establish credibility, and maintain trust, with your clients, students, or colleagues.  Many professionals are turning towards creative solutions to produce media in an effort to connect with their audience. Let us help your business create a unique, professional virtual experience. 

  • Make your brand stand out
  • Deliver innovative, engaging presentation
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

Remote Solutions

One of the hardest parts of working remotely is trying to match the professionalism and impact of in-person meetings. From presentations, to whiteboard brainstorms, working from home brings it's challenges when trying to collaborate or present to others virtually. DeskRig is designed to help professionals everywhere elevate their virtual presence, bringing unmatched productivity and engagement from your audience. 

  • Bring unmatched professionalism to every meeting
  • Be effective from anywhere
  • Increase user experience for your audience

Discover How DeskRig Can Work For You!

Sales Executives

Make incredible first impressions and establish instant credibility with prospects during any meeting or presentation. 


Show your clients that you are ahead of the curve and set yourself up as a though leader in the industry. 


Get the most out of your time by creating effective team meetings that drive productivity...and your bottom line. 


Create incredibly engaging virtual classes and presentations that allow your students to get the best version of you!


Interact and connect with your virtual patients on a new level that allows you to bridge the communication gap.

Customer Support

Take customer serviceto a whole new level by creating innovative experiences to interact with your customers. 

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