Free Training: Available to all teachers on October 5th at 7PM EST

Thank you for what you do.

We are offering a free webinar to all teachers who want to improve the quality of their virtual classrooms. Whether Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or more, we can help you create effective presentations that elevate the virtual experience for the children on the other end of the screen.


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With our powers combined, you can create compelling  classes that keep your students engaged.

Monday, 5th October
5pm-8pm EST

DeskRig is here to help you elevate your online classroom.

Increase Effectiveness

We know it is stressful to put together an effective online presentation. Not being in person can feel like you are not being as effective with each kid, but with DeskRig, you can make the most of every online class.

Engage Students

Like it or not, kids nowadays are used to a certain level of production when they are watching a screen. You can use our platform to give your classes a look that keeps the kids engaged with your content.

Be Confident

Virtual classes are brand new for most teachers around the world. DeskRig wants to help by making it easier for teachers to create and conduct effective online classes from wherever they happen to be.