12 Proven Virtual Presentation Tips To Help You Succeed

These virtual presentation tips are designed to make you look like a rockstar.

virtual presentation tips | tips for virtual presentations

Let’s face it, remote work is becoming the new normal, and with that comes a rise in video calls, meetings, brainstorms, and presentations. One of the toughest challenges of remote work comes the barrier in communication, but that doesn’t have to hold you back. At Deskrig, we believe in making the most of every virtual interaction, and we believe you should do the same. Follow our virtual presentation tips to start making the most of every online interaction.

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1. Preparation

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” If you want to be successful in anything, you need to prepare, or practice. Hosting successful meetings requires that you are organized and ready to lead the charge. Make sure you are taking advantage of these opportunities to maximize your impact on the meeting. 

virtual presentation tips | preparing for virtual presentations

Create Outline

Before hosting any meeting, it helps to have an outline together that can help you effectively manage everyone’s time. This will  increase productivity, as well as reinforce a professional image of yourself to others.

Share Meeting Agenda

Once you have an agenda, it is important to share it! You can use a simple word document that you send beforehand, or you can use one of the great services available like Docket or Hugo. This will increase engagement in your calls and helps you manage expectations, keeping you in the driver seat. 

2. Appearance

First impressions are everything when trying to establish credibility and build trust. Even if you do calls with people you already know, they subconsciously judge you every time they see you for the first time on a call. Take advantage of this opportunity and be prepared to always give a good first impression. Body language is over 80% of what we communicate, so be aware and make it positive!

virtual presentation tips | preparing for virtual presentations


Whether at home or office, make sure to dress appropriately for each meeting. Virtual calls already have less impact than an in-person meeting, so make sure you do your part to rise above the occasion. 


Make sure you are sitting up! Don’t hunch over, pull those shoulders back, and keep your head up. People notice your posture and it helps contribute towards their perception. 


This is an important one! Did you know that even over the phone you can tell when someone is talking while smiling? On video, this is even more obvious, but the point is that it creates a positive perception that helps your virtual presence. All of us would rather be on the beach, so at least pretend like you are having a good time. All of our virtual presentation tips combined can’t make up for a bad attitude.

3. Sound

Audio is almost more critical to the success of a virtual call than video. Sometimes people are dialing in, looking at shared screens, or looking at something else, but people will always be listening to you. Nothing is worse than a call where it is hard to hear the other person. Aside from not being in a noisy place, here are two things that can drastically improve your call experience. This is one of the most important virtual presentation tips we can offer.

virtual presentation tips | audio tips for virtual presentations


Do yourself a favor and get a set of external speakers for your video calls. It’s never a good look to wear headphones during a video call, and sometimes laptop/computer audio just doesn’t cut it. There are some great solutions such as the Pebble Speakers which are perfect for call audio and easily connect to your device. 


Unfortunately, laptop microphones aren’t great. And just like speakers, ideally you don’t want to be using a headset on a video call. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Yeti Mic, the people on your calls will thank you later. 

4. Video

Whether you like it or not, the person on the other end of the screen is judging the quality of your video call. If it is bad, it sticks out like a sore thumb. If the quality and lighting is good, then the viewer immediately has a different impression of you. We like to take every advantage we can get, so we believe in optimizing both of these elements for optimal success. 

virtual presentation tips | appearance tips for virtual presentations


Body positioning in the camera view is important. If you are sitting at a normal desk, chances are you have to tilt the laptop screen back in order to feel like you are in frame. Instead, elevate the camera to your eye level so that you can elevate your virtual presence and first impressions. 


While laptop cameras have come a long way, most laptops in use don’t have the quality of a webcam or DSLR. If you are serious about increasing your professional appearance, invest in a webcam. This Logitech is a great choice. If you are really serious, then check out the Sony a5100.


Lighting is an important aspect of your appearance on a video call. For starters, make sure that you aren’t sitting in the dark, or that there isn’t a big glare on your screen. If you are home, place a lamp in a favorable location, or sit in a place that gets good light. If you are interested, photography key lights like this one can be great to help control light and temperature.

5. Follow-Up

After preparing and executing an amazing call, the final step is to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is an opportunity to set a professional tone that lets others know you are serious about your business and is often overlooked when considering virtual presentation tips. Include these two tips in your calls moving forward and elevate your virtual presence today!

virtual presentation tips | appearance tips for virtual presentations

Confirm Next Steps

Before your end the meeting, you should confirm the actionable steps that need to be taken. This helps keep everyone and the same page, and helps you portray a positive, professional appearance while making sure everyone understands what is expected of them moving forward. 

Send Notes

Just like the pre-meeting agenda, you should send your meeting notes to everyone involved. This ensures everyone is running off the same baseline agenda which limits questions, prevents wasted time, and increases productivity. If you have any questions, concerns, or follow-up comments, then they should be included. 

Need more help with your virtual presentations?

Follow these virtual presentation tips and you are on your way to being a videocall Rockstar. If you are looking for more help with virtual presentations, we would love to help out! Learn more about our services here.