Elgato Mountable Green Screen


Elgato Green Screen MT – Mountable chroma key panel for background removal, auto-locking and self-rewinding, wrinkle-resistant chroma-green fabric, robust metal casing



A dedicated chroma key surface that requires zero floor space, Green Screen MT strikes the perfect balance between sleek construction and pro performance. Mount Green Screen MT on your wall or ceiling, pull the handle down to any position and let the precision roller automatically lock your screen in place. Panoramic dimensions cover your entire height and wingspan. The premium fabric ensures a wrinkle-free spread, while optimized chroma green guarantees the cleanest key you can get. It’s a wrap? Give the handle a tug and the screen will automatically disappear into its protective metal casing.

  • Instant immersion: Wrinkle-resistant Green screen optimized for camera Chroma keying
  • Ultra-quick deployment: Set up and pack up in seconds; Material: 100% polyester
  • Pop-up Tech: Lift and let the pneumatic X-frame automatically lock the screen in place
  • Concealable design: Retract into the hard case and stash out of sight