Dummy Battery M200

Raeisusp 5-8.4V USB Drive Cable ACK-E12 Mobile Power Supply + DR-E12 DC Coupler LP-E12 Dummy Battery DC Grip + 5V 3AMP Adapter Kit for Canon EOS M EOS M2 M10 M50 M100 M20



  • Usb power+usb dc drive cable for indoor long time photography,Mobile power bank+ usb dc drive cable  for outdoor long time photography
  • DC drive cable can not only play the role of the power adapter, while also serving to effectively suppress harmonic current noise. High-quality chips, DC-DC converter, high conversion efficiency. Good stability can output high current, quiescent current is small.
  • DC drive cable connected power bank supply for digital cameras, power bank capacity: 8000-30000mAh, equal to the new battery in the camera’s power many times;When you turn on the flash to take pictures or video, to provide the uninterrupted power supply.The greater the power capacity, the longer the use of time.
  • Using a wide range,suitable for all 7.2V-8.4V digital camera and video camera, Support part 9 v digital products, Magnetic ring anti-jamming design, enhance the stability of the camera work.
  • Built-in IC program can play the role of overload protection, please rest assured that use. USB port power adapter, So widely used.15w USB charger fits Devices that meet the 5V DC voltage input

USB power adapter Features:

Input voltage: AC 100V-240V 50-60Hz
Output:5V 3A
Replace the camera battery handle grip or carry more batteries,camera insert battery grip  will too heavy,is not conducive to taking pictures.

Package :

1 x USB drive cable ACK-E12
1 x DC Coupler DR-E12
1 x 15W adapter

Suitable For:

For Canon EOS M
For Canon EOS M2
For Canon EOS M10
For Canon EOS M100
For Canon EOS M50