Virtual Sales Just Became Easy!

We empower professionals with studio quality production for a fraction of the price.

What is Deskrig?



Proven products that produce studio quality from your home or work



Innovative solutions designed to help you stand out



Services, support, and training guaranteed to help you succeed 

Why Deskrig?


Establish Credibility

Separate yourself from the crowd and establish yourself as an expert when you're in an online meeting


Build Trust

Deliver more engaging virtual experiences and results on virtual calls by always appearing professional


Increase Engagement

Increase user interaction with innovative presentations and meetings that can leverage body language

What our HubSpot customers are saying!

I spent 2 years struggling to improve my online sales process. Frustrated and flailing, I'd buy a new mic, then a camera,  then the lighting would be off, and I never figured that out. I'd even re-arrange the room to show better. I decided to hire a company to build a little studio in my home office. And then I fixed it all in 1 shot with Deskrig. BEST Investment I made! I never sell deals locally, it's 100% virtual. - Tom Wengler, HubSpot Platinum Partner 

Do you need our solution? Ask yourself three questions.



How much time do you spend in virtual meetings?

  • If you spend more than 3 hours a day on virtual calls or meetings, our solution was made for you to improve your overall virtual presence. 

What is your average deal size?

  • If you sell solutions with 5+ figure price tags, our solution can help you improve trust and close deals faster!

Be honest, does your team present a united front when you are meeting with a prospect or customer?

  • If you look like disorganized and unprofessional, this has an impact on your revenue. Fix it with Deskrig. 

How does this work?

The experts at DeskRig work with you to craft a customized solution for your needs.

15 Minute Demonstration

Schedule a short demonstration to learn about the the future of video conferencing.

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30 Minute Discovery

If you're already interested, schedule a discovery meeting so we can gather details about your current virtual presence.

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We'll craft a custom proposal that fit's your business's needs, budget, and vastly improves your virtual presence.