How To Use OBS Virtual Cam

This post is going to show you how to download and use OBS Virtual Cam. This will allow you to stream your OBS experience through any conference experience that uses a webcam, such as Zoom or Hangouts. This is very easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Let’s get started!

Download OBS VIrtual Cam

Go to the OBS Forum and download the virtual cam by clicking on the button you see to the right side of the screen. Once you do, it will download. Simply run the installer and then it is time to get into OBS.

Enable Virtual Cam in OBS

Once you have opened OBS, go to the Tools menu item and select VirtualCam. Once you do, it will bring up the VirtualCam settings menu. We suggest you enable AutoStart if you plan on using this often. Whichever button is transparent is the one that is active. The button with the white text is inactive.

Select OBS-Camera For Your Video Call

Now that you have downloaded and enabled VirtualCam in OBS, go to your normal video call software. You should now be able to select OBS-Camera as your video source. Instead of selecting your usual webcam, choose your OBS Camera. This will display your OBS experience over your web call. The first example shown here is where you would click in Zoom.

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