How Success in Virtual Meetings Will Sharpen Your Competitive Edge in 2021

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What are the benefits of better virtual meetings?

At the base level, more effective virtual meetings beget better perceptions of credibility, higher audience engagement and the opportunity to scale your outreach efficiently.

More Effective Communication of Your Credibility

There’s a difference between hopping on a video call and establishing your virtual presence. The person on the other end of the screen assumes you conduct your life in the same manner you present yourself. As far as they’re concerned, how you do anything is how you do everything. 

As in any other setting, succeeding in the virtual context contends on your perceived value. Virtual meetings are just another opportunity to affect where that perception lands. Even in a virtual context, however, effective communication of your ethos entails carefully influencing that attitude from beginning to end of the interaction.

So, how do you create lasting impressions that sway those attitudes in your favor?

The data suggests that, first, you must appear credible. Aside from exuding professionalism visually, more effective virtual meetings display professionalism in conduct that is largely unparalleled in this emerging context of business – demonstrating respect for your audience.

Then, you must be understood. Virtual presence makes it easier to highlight solutions and resolve issues without wasting your audience’ time or misrepresenting yourself. You’ll also demonstrate environmental awareness and composure, which speaks to your competence.

Without traditional barriers to virtual communication, you’ll be able to convey your message with more authenticity and sincerity – facilitating a more consistent experience.

Higher Engagement from Your Audience

You had their curiosity, now you have their attention – make good use of it. To build trust and, ultimately, a relationship, you need to make every step in your experience worth taking.

Simply put, engaging your audience more effectively is swaying a series of decisions in your favor. Does it benefit me to listen to this person? Can they deliver on their promises?

Up to 70% of decision-making is emotional – up to 95% of purchasing decisions. So, to drive your desired decision home, you have to build an emotional connection.

Body language accounts for more than half of how people perceive communication. More perceptible body language in the virtual landscape makes your message easier to connect with on a human level. But engaging people with your virtual presence goes deeper than that.

Aside from the emotion, a polished presence in virtual meetings is also more engaging visually. Half of the human brain is related to vision: brighter compositions, cleaner elements and more clearly distinguished movement will hold eyes longer than your typical talking head any day.

virtual presence | virtual meetings | increase engagement
virtual presence | virtual meetings | increase engagement

At the intersection of emotional and visual engagement is another aspect of nonverbal communication: congruence.

When perceiving communication, the audience makes a subconscious decision as to whether the components match – and are therefore trustworthy. If your words are well-recited but your hands are shaking, you’ll have to work harder at building confidence in your message.

The same goes for your virtual meetings – if the message is on but your video’s off, you may miss the opportunity.

Now, since your virtual presence has now captivated the attention of your audience, it’s more likely you’ll have an opportunity to soothe apprehensions, eliminate barriers to communication and clarify any lingering questions.

Sounds smooth, right? That’s the goal – everything you do to improve your audience engagement should be in the service of improving their experience with you. 

Incomparable Scalability of Your Outreach

Finally, believe it or not, doing things virtually applies a lot less pressure on the organization. Scalability is the capacity to close new revenue with your existing team, increasing their efficiency by outputting higher value. We’ve found that typically plays out two ways.

First, by increasing the efficiency of your team’s routine performance. Operating virtually entails lower operating costs, which make your efforts more profitable and further reaching. Imagine your team learning to use a tool that lowers the overhead to perform their essential functions. Putting aside the assumption of higher success rates with virtual meetings, you can expect:

  • Closed deals without the travel costs incurred by in-person meetings
  • Prospects understanding value proposition quicker, shortening your sales cycle
  • Faster, more comprehensive service ticket responses using video

Next, virtual presence can boost the efficiency by which your team grows. Note that this was mentioned later on purpose. The most expensive component of scaling a team is adding new people – especially when they don’t stick.

Researchers from UC Berkeley and Stanford found 70% of the surveyed startups tried to scale before other business fundamentals were in place, concluding that premature scaling played a part in 90% of failed startups.

Back to the bright side – by equipping your team with the right tools, you can help cultivate experts throughout your organization. Those experts can leverage their virtual meetings expertise toward documentation. As they develop robust, rich-media content about how they work, you’ll be creating a bulletproof onboarding program that caters to how our brains learn best.

Who’s Positioned to Succeed with Virtual Meetings?

Probably you! If virtual meetings are part of your day, there’s a virtual presence application for you. If it’s not, you might want to reevaluate your outreach. Adapting the way business is done to accommodate people’s preference for virtual lends itself to higher scalability, lower operating costs and further reach.

Deskrig is dedicated to equipping you with the hardware, tools and training necessary to bring your best game in the virtual landscape. Want to learn more?

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